Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Podcast Yourself Part II.

Continuing my list of podacasts that we all need to subscribe to, here are a few more of my favorites from my weekly playlist. Enjoy.

-The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack. Must listen for Lost fans. Great way to synthesize your theories and hear others. Funny, smart, and a great companion to the actual television show.
-Fresh Air. Terry Gross interviews politicians, actors musicians, and news makers with sensitive and intelligent questions. Diverse, often uplifting, and always well done.
-Hearing Voices.Quickly becoming one of my favorite casts. Stories all connected by a theme, often rather experimental and abstract with fantastic composing and intriguing contributors.
-Meet the Press. The news giant has a video podcast. Can't get up out of your Sunday morning hangover to catch the early broadcast? No worries. Watch it at the crack of noon from your computer with a pot of coffee.
-Savage Love. Not for the faint of heart. Rather direct no frills call in show about sex, love, and relationships. Often raunchy, always funny, Dan Savage is a great host.
-Bill Moyers Journal. Perhaps the most fair and moderate journalist on television today. Bill Moyers discusses important issues from a more meaningful and in depth angle than the 24 hour cable news talking heads.
-Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me. Hilarious weekly news game show. Play along with them. Features humorists and journalists in competition to see who knows more about the weeks news. The host Peter Segel is hilarious and features great panels including Mo Rocca, Tom Bodett, P.J O'rourke, Paula Poundstone and many more. Always funny always great. Listen to it on Sunday afternoons.

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