Monday, February 2, 2009

Podcast yourself.

I find myself continually suggesting podcasts and websites to my friends. I think they find this a tad annoying and nerdy. Most say they have no time. Once you subscribe they will continually update in your iTunes queue. Put them on your ipod and listen to them while you work out or even on that bus or car ride to work. They are varied and will hoefully give you another source of story and news. Here is the first half of the List that I recommend. The second half tomorrow.

-This American Life. classic P.R.I. show. probably the greatest public radio show of all time.
-I Love Movies. Doug Benson and friends discuss movies and comedy.
-The Treatment. Elvis Mitchell, intelligent interviews with film makers.
-The Moth Podcast. Live storytelling without notes from the famous and not so famous.
-P.R.I: Selected Shorts Podcast. Short stories read by by actors live on stage. Great way to discover writers.

....more to come tomorrow.

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